Is Repulse Website Legit

Is Repulse Website Legit {June} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> This article is written to assess the legitimacy of the Website selling Nintendo gaming accessories.

These days use of social media is becoming very popular. The total population is in billions, and hence millions of websites are getting floated every day. We should not accept the authenticity of the Website based on its design or information provided in it. For assessing the website legitimacy, there are various criteria. For a question like, Is Repulse Website Legit is legit? You will find the answer in this article in detail.

The progress of social media is very fast in the west. The number of websites is also becoming very high in the United States.

Fraud websites should not take undue advantages of the public of the world; hence science has found many methods for assessing its authenticity. Repulse Website Reviews have also been researched to find detailed information on the Website. This Website claims to sell Nintendo gaming accessories but has many loopholes which we will discuss in the further article. 

Is Website Legit?

As we have mentioned earlier, that website legitimacy is assessed on following grounds, Authority, Purpose, Coverage, Currency, Objectivity, and Accuracy.

But Website has omitted essential points. Like Name of the designer of Website is not included. In the website name of the company of the Website is not mentioned. Professionalism in the domain name does not exist. No provision of the testimony of customers exists in the Website.

Also, the Website claims to sell Nintendo products. It appears to be fake. It is not a Nintendo official website, and so one cannot sell Nintendo products this way. All the products are available at an unbelievable price. The legitimacy of this Website is still a big question. 

What is

The Website is selling games, switches, and accessories or consoles via online method. Will online shopping of games, consoles, and switches will suit to the customer? Does the main question remain on how to do the evaluation? Then please note that in general, authenticity is based on criteria like Authority, Purpose, Coverage, Currency, Objectivity, and Accuracy.

Let us evaluate whether fulfils these criteria.

Specifications of

  • Type: Online shop for games,
  • Products: Games, switches, consoles, etc.
  • Name of the Company: Not mentioned
  • Address of the company: 921 e 52nd St. Los Angeles California United States,90011
  • Product processing time: two to three days
  • Return Policy: original products within 14 days 
  • Refund: Full Refund is possible. 
  • Payment Modes: Pay Pall.
  • Website ID:
  • Telephone Number: 3232167777
  • Contact Email ID:

Pros of buying products from

  • It is focusing on retailing games, consoles switches, etc.,
  • Provision for customer reviews via social media is made.
  • email address, phone number, the contact address is available 
  • Content of the Website fulfils requirements of the Website.
  • Return/Refund provision is available.

Cons of buying products from

  • The domain name is not with professional extensions like .com,.net, .in, etc.,
  • The Name of the company is not mentioned.
  • The address is of the USA, but products are from China
  • Privacy about the company is missing.
  • Because customer testimonials are not mentioned hence customer reviews is not available.
  • Contact information of the website designer is not available.
  • Relevant outside link is not given to assure its purpose.
  • The Website is biased for selling specific products from one particular supplier.
  • Keeping in view the site being of USA and products being of china site reliability is in doubt because the Name of the designer of Website is not known.

What are the customers saying about the legitimacy of the

The customer review is not available on the Website. Other websites are also not giving good customer reviews for As per the report, it is recently launched six months before. The popularity of Website is low; it has no mail server; hence Website is a scam.

Final Verdict

Because the site is made in the USA by an unknown authority to sell products from China in us dollars, it is not safe to place orders by viewing the site.

It does not fulfil all the requirements for the legitimacy of the Website; hence it cannot be called legit. Though the site is not blacklisted so far due to recent launching and shallow popularity, Alexa has also not given any ranking to this site. Repulse Website Reviews treat this site as a scam. Keeping in view Cons of the Website, may not be termed as legit.

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