Is Legit {July} Should Jump At Scam Site

Is Legit {July} Should Jump At Scam Site? -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that has a collection of kayaks for our readers.

Are you a fan of boating? Do you like water sports? If your answer is yes, this article will be useful and beneficial for you.

In this article, we would be reviewing this website,, and will clear our reader’s mind as Is Legit or scam. The website claims to be selling some boat pieces that are usually known as kayaks.

These pieces are useful for a business or a person owning a boat club or house but are not for individuals as everyone may not have the facility to operate and take care of it.

This website is originated in The United States. This Reviews will let you know more about the site and find some real facts.

Is Legit? is a website that deals in selling kayaks. They portray a vast collection of kayaks ranging in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Also, they offer different varieties and designs for different purposes and for people to choose from.

But, the main question is Is Legit? So, to give our decision on this question, we researched the website and collected evidence that can prove the customers and bring forward the truth.

Hence, we found that the website was introduced very recently, i.e., on June 21, 2020, just a few days back. Also, we could not find any history or background of the company or the owner. Plus, there were no customer reviews to be found for the website as considering the website launch date; the site could not have captured customers till now.

Adding to the facts, we would like to add a cherry on top of the cake, i.e., the site is found to be non-functional at this point.

All this proves and points in one direction i.e.; the website is a scam.

What is is an online store that is selling some great boat pieces known as kayaks. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and specifications.

There are different kayaks for different purposes like a single rider kayak, a double rider, a paddleboat, a rowing boat, and many more infinite options

This website seems to be one in a kind type of store until now; we have not come across any site dealing in this kind of stuff. The website has two fixed prices for every boat, i.e., they have two pricing category one $99.99 and the second $79.99.

The website is somewhat different from others, but some questions need to be answered before a customer goes forward.

Are these product quality assured? Is the website reliable? 

To find out answers to these, let’s move forward.

Specifications of

  • The website deals in a collection of kayaks
  • These products are meant for the kayaking business owners.
  • Products are available for a fixed price of either $79.99 or $99.99.
  • There are a vast number of color and design options.
  • There are different options available for various purposes of the users.

Pros of buying from

  • The products have got a vast collection of kayaks for different uses and purposes.
  • The products are of need to business owners.
  • They offer a broad color and design range.

Cons of buying from

  • Currently, the website is non-functional.
  • All the option mentioned on the website is non-clickable.
  • The site is a scam.

What are customer reviews on the website? website is found to be recently introduced to the market. Due to which, there are no Reviews from the customer or buyer to be found all over the internet.

Therefore, we could not find any customer reviews of the website.

Final Verdict

To find some relevant information about the website, we collected evidence which clears our mind as if it is legit or a scam.

Firstly, we found that the website is registered just a few days back, even less than a month. Plus, we could not find any relevant information about the company or owner on the website or the internet.

All this creates a sense of suspicion regarding the website. To clarify more, we would like to mention that the site has not received customer reviews. And lastly, the website is not even into the function at the current point of time.

All this proves and clarifies that the website is a scam, and our readers should not fall into this trap.

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