Is Kimimart Com Legit 2020

Is Kimimart Com Legit {June} Read This Review Before You Buy -> This article here analyzes an online shopping store that sells home-related products.

Do you plan to shop for home products online? You may come across an online shopping mart called It is a website selling product like smart home appliances, art and crafts items, and pet food. To know Is Kimimart Com Legit, we need to keep reading this article to know the details.

In this world of scams and frauds, it becomes crucial for a buyer to know the authenticity of a website. To avoid falling prey into the hands of such scamsters, we require proper judgment. So, here we provide you with information on this United Kingdom website.

It is a very new web store that claims to sell products at a discounted price.

But the prices are so low that it becomes hard to believe such a website. Hence, we are providing you with reviews to know about here in this post.

Is Kimimart Com Legit?

To know whether a website is a scam or a legit, we need a lot of research. 

We have researched a lot to provide you with the Kimi Mart Reviewson this online shopping mart 

First of all, it is a newly launched website that is hardly two days old. It was registered less than six months ago, which is a fact that forces us to be careful while using this website. As the site is very young, it cannot claim to be mature.

Secondly, it provides an address that shows the United Kingdom as the country, but it is untraceable. The store locations are of Canada, which shows a dispute in its addresses as such. We cannot believe a store which provides contradicting information. The email address provided is also fake and does not respond.

Apart from that, the products are so less in price that it is hard to believe.

The absence of social media presence and fake icons of such sites on its webpage indicates that it is a fraud.

All the above details tell us Is Kimimart Com Legit or not. And so, we can say that it is not a legit website.

What is

It is a newly built website that sells many products like video games, pet food, art & crafts items, and smart home products. It claims to sell its products at a meager price.

It provides free shipping on all its products. It has a cancellation policy of only one day and takes 1 to 3 days for processing refunds. Modes of payment are various, and order tracking is available.

The company gives an address belonging to the United Kingdom. A phone number is also available for the buyers to contact.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Online shopping mart
  • Country – United Kingdom
  • Shipping – free delivery
  • Returns and cancellation – Accepted within one day
  • Email Address –
  • Address – 132, Great Western Road, Long Sutton PE12 1JF
  • Phone – 07925674796
  • Modes of Payment – Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Social Media – Not available

Pros of buying from

  • Home products available
  • Shipping is free

Cons of Buying from

  • A very newly launched website
  • No reviews on WebOfTrust (WOT)
  • Cancellation to be done in one day
  • Email address is fake
  • The address is fake
  • Social media presence is nil.

What Customers Say About

Customers are the best source of judging a website accurately. For running an online business, a website has to have good reviews. And so, we researched for the customer feedbacks for Alas, we could find no reviews except for negative feedbacks on various sites.

It is a very new website with hardly any customers, so no buyer reviews are available online. But the feedbacks available for the website itself indicate that this site is not trustworthy. The absence of Kimi Mart Reviews is enough to show that the website is a potential threat for the new buyers.

The Final Verdict

Concluding this post, we would like to say that the website is not a legit site. It has so many cons that point a finger to the authenticity of the site.

We cannot trust a website that has no reviews of its customers available online.

A website cannot be genuine, which provides fake addresses and phone numbers to cheat the customers.

And so, in the end, we would like the buyers to avoid using for buying products online. As it can prove to be threatening and loss of your money on such websites.

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