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Is Legit {June} – Is It the legit Business? -> This article shares an overview of the website that claims to help in selling homes by charging a minimal commission.

Are you thinking about selling your home? Is it becoming painful or exhausting for you? Else if you are looking for more reliable options. Then read our entire article till the end to know Is Legit

This website claims to help in selling off the homes with a very decent and minimal commission charges.

The website provides local agent contact options in the United States, after which the assigned agent will do everything. 

We understand that selling the house is very important though a tedious task. So, a deep dig into the portal is a must to avoid any chances of scam in any way. So please read the entire content to know more about Reviews.

Is legit for selling a house or not? 

Is Legit or not is a simple question with a straightforward answer too. Everything claims that it is a fair and legit portal that eases the complicated house selling process and experience

Amongst several spam portals being created every day, this one does not appears to be falling in that category. It provides and the option of contacting a local agent assigned by the portal or available in the area of your house.

Further, upon getting in touch with the agent, several questions get clarified. Moreover, with several positive reviews, it appears to be completely safe.

What is Idealagent? 

It is a portal mainly for the customers who want to sell off their houses and for the agents or brokers working in the real estate or property dealings. 

Every agent usually asks for a different amount of commission, so to help the customers, this portal has kept a flat 2% commission. We are unsure of what the company holds and what is paid to the agent. 

However, as per positive reviews, it is clear that this portal is made keeping in view the customer’s perspective. Everything is handled by the assigned local area agent, from paperwork to arranging client visits, etc

 Specifications about Idealagent:

  • Type of Website: It deals in helping in selling a house and is beneficial for both agents and the sellers.
  • URL:
  • Address: Not shared
  • Phone line: + 18007504014
  • Email ID: Not shared

Pros about selling a house on Idealagent:

  • The website is well structured and designed to help in every way to ease the house selling process.
  • There is a section on the portal which enables us to connect with the local area agent to assist in the process of house selling.
  • The portal has several positive feedback and reviews online, and that enables reliability over it.
  • The website arranges everything from contacting clients to paperwork at a minimal charge of 2% as commission.

Cons about selling a house on Idealagent:

  • There are no contact details mentioned other than the call option, which directly provides the toll-free number.

What are the customer opinions about Idealagent? 

There are many positive Reviews and feedbacks available about the portal online on different forums.

Most of them claim that the entire process was smooth and hassle-free. It is also an important aspect to note that many people claimed that they were able to sell off their house within a week to a couple of weeks. That is a fantastic thing for the ones in a hurry or with limited time to process everything.

Further, there are many reviews that state the entire paperwork was done efficiently by the local agent appointed by the portal, which is a reasonable effort. 

Moreover, it gives an easy option of contacting the local agent linked with the portal, and that makes the entire process simple.

Final verdict

There might be many portals where you might be able to sell off your own house. But this portal not only charges a minimum commission of 2% but also ensures that the entire process is speedy and simple.

Nowadays, amongst the lie of a rush between work and home, it becomes hard to sell off or even buy a new house without spending much time over those things.

However, the Ideal agent portal has a structured website to ease those things and even saves a lot of time. Further several positive feedback about the portal ensures it is a safe way to go.

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