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Is Getpublicbeta com Legit [June] – Another Scam or Legit site? -> In this article, we will get to know the upcoming operating system from Apple INC and the new list of features.

After months of leaks, Apple Inc. has finally given a peak of its upcoming iOS 14 last week through a virtual conference. With this, the company showed dozens of features that surprised onlookers and it looks like that was just the tip of an iceberg. People across the United-States are waiting for the final version of this operating system.

There are a handful of features that everyone was talking about once the presentation was over. It includes home screen widgets along with the sleek, compact UI. But there is much more than that in iOS 14; I am pretty sure about it. Apple Inc. has shared every detail of features on its new page on the website. To find the latest technology, you can log on to the review website.  

Let us read below to find out what all Apple is bringing this time.

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Steps to download iOS 14 Public Beta

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is enroll your Apple ID with the public beta program. You can find the link in Google Search.

Step 2: In the next level, you need to download the public beta profile for iOS in your mobile device. Then go to settings and tap profile download at the top. Later tap on install and it will ask for a pass code. Enter the pass code, and the device will reboot.

Step 3: The next thing you need to do is unlock the device and contrary to settings once again. Now, go to the general section and then tap on the software update. Follow all the prompts it come up with and let the system do the rest of the things.

Step 4: The final step is when the system will show “Preparing Update” and tap “install now.” Once this happens, you will now be running the latest public beta iOS14 in your device. So, congratulations on that.

IOS 14 public beta availability Status

Apple Inc. is one of the most prominent organizations in the United-States, and the company always comes up with something new every time with a new operating system. As of now, the company has not released the new operating system, and we need to wait for some time when Apple Inc. releases the beta version of iOS14 publically. However, the company stated that they would do it in July only. Stay tuned with us for the latest technological updates.

What devices will it support?

The company has kept the list of all supporting devices as same as for iOS 13. Below is the complete list of tools that would likely support the new operating system.

  • iPad, Air 2 and above
  • iPhone, 6S and above
  • iPad, Mini 4 and above
  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad, 5th generation models and above

Features of New iOS 14

  • Widgets: With the new iOS, users will witness the new widget, which is beautiful than earlier version. Therefore giving you better utility throughout your day. All systems apps  like weather, calendar, podcasts, news, fitness, Photos, notes, Stocks, Music, Batteries, Screen Time, Maps, Siri Suggestions, reminders are redesigned.
  • App Library: It is a new space added to your home screen, which can organize all applications in to easy to navigate view. It will automatically categorize apps in social, productivity, and entertainment segments.
  • Compact UI: It will allow third-party apps like Skype can support small incoming calls. When it comes to face time, you will see a banner only instead of an entire screen. Moreover, you have compact Siri, which can seamlessly launch the next task.
  • Search: Now, the system will give you the most relevant results, including applications, contacts, points of interest in Map and websites. You only need start typing search suggestions will come up automatically below the search field.
  • Massages: Now, you can pin favorite conversations to the top so that you can reach your favorite person easily. You can pin up to nine contacts. Furthermore, now you have memoji offering new hairstyles including man buns, top knot, and simple side part.

Final Words

The list of features in new IOS goes on and on, and this is what we expect from the technology giants like Apple INC. The company is not only famous in the United-States but amongst the top-selling mobile companies across the world. To find Getpublicbeta com review, you can just simple type that on Google search engine.

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