Is Emojirags Legit 2020

Is Emojirags Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? >> In this review, you will find out all the pros, cons, and other details of a website that sells alarm clocks.

Are you searching for modern alarm clocks? Even with the invention of the smartphone, some people still prefer alarm clocks. 

Moreover, alarm clocks have adapted with time and have improved technology integrated into them. One of the websites that sell alarm clock is Emojirags. However, Is Emojirags Legit? 

The people of the United States love technology, and therefore, Emojirags sells alarm clocks of the latest technology. 

However, we did one of the most useful and comprehensive Emojirags Reviews in this article to help you. So read the article until the end to find out all the details.

Is Emojirags Legit?

The Emojirags website registered its domain name on the 19th of June 2020. As a result, Emojirags did not even complete a month on the internet. However, Is Emojirags Legit?

The website has SSL protection, which means that all of your transactions will be safe and secure on the website. However, it does not guarantee the legitimacy of the website.

There are a lot of negative Emojirags Reviews on other websites. These websites warn people to stay away from Emojirags. Moreover, it does not have any social media pages.

Since the website is new and lacks a strong presence, we cannot view it as legit yet. 

What Is Emojirags?

Emojirags is an e-store that solely sells alarm clocks. All of its alarm clocks are modern and trendy. They would look great inside a modern house and add an elegant look to the room. 

Every alarm clock has a different feature, which is used for different purposes. Some of those alarm clocks project time on the wall. 

Every alarm clock has a short description that gives all the details about it. Some clocks have a Bluetooth speaker attached to it so that you can listen to music through it.

However, a person needs to possess a PayPal account if he wants to purchase an alarm clock from

Specifications of Emojirags:

  • Product: Alarm clocks
  • Email:
  • Website link –
  • Payment Option: PayPal
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Returns: Applicable till 15 days after receipt 
  • Exchanges: Not mentioned 
  • Processing period: 1-2 working days
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Shipping time: 7-10 days
  • Contact Address: 3506 Ne 95th St, 401, Seattle, WA 98115 United States
  • Contact Number: (717) 644-6828

Pros of Buying Alarm Clocks from Emojirags:

  • It sells alarm clocks of different designs
  • It has a detailed description of every alarm clock
  • Different types of alarm clocks have different features
  • The Emojirags website sells alarm clocks at affordable prices
  • The alarm clock looks great inside a modern household

Cons of Buying Alarm Clocks from Emojirags:

  • The website takes a long time to deliver products to the customers 
  • It offers only PayPal as an option to purchase the products 
  • It does not mention about any exchanges of the products
  • It does not give any important details in the ‘About Us’ page
  • It does not have any social media presence

What Are People Saying About Emojirags?

There are many Emojirags Reviews on the internet. Some of them are in favor of the website, while most of them warn the customers to stay away from the website.

There are no product reviews or ratings on the website, even though the website has given an option to the customers to rate and review the products.

The website isn’t present on any social media platform. There are a lot of social media links at the bottom of the website. However, if you click on those links, you will just land on the homepage of your own social media account.

On average, the overall opinion of the Emojirags website from all the different sources is negative.

Final Verdict:

The Emojirags website is trying to establish its authority by focusing on a specific niche. However, the website is new in the field, and it still has a long way to go.

The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. However, it needs to increase the number of payment options to purchase a product. 

It also needs to establish a strong social media presence if it wants to gain the trust of the audience. It also needs to use different strategies if it wants to stand out from its competition.

Therefore, we suggest you stay away from the Emojirags until it establishes itself as legit and trustworthy as we don’t consider it as legit one.

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