Is Bluestarstores.Com Legit

Is Bluestarstores.Com Legit [June] – Is It Scam or Not? -> If you are planning to buy jewelry online, then read this article.  If you are a jewelry aficionado and searching for gold plated cuffs with semi-precious gemstones? Then you may want to check out Bluestarstores.Com.

Does jewelry even run out of fashion? No! Jewelry is something that can perfectly pair with most of your outfits and, when taken care of, can last a very long time. Jewelry is today being sold online, and there is no way of telling if it is made of real gemstones or gold/silver. 

This is why people have been asking Is Bluestarstores.Com Legitwhich is the United States established jewelry site. What makes the company unpopular amongst people? We will help you understand that better, so let’s jump into this Bluestarstores.Com Reviews.

Is Bluestarstores.Com Legit? 

Online scams have become very common today, and scamming people has been called an art. Numerous devious ways are being used by scammers to rob you of your financial and personal information, which makes us write this review to inform you of the details that make this site a legit or scam site. 

For starters, Bluestarstores.Com lacks an about us sectionwhich makes it challenging to decipher its owners. They also only accept online payments through PayPal. These make the site seem a lot like a scam. 

What is Bluestarstores.Com? 

It is an online store that sells jewelry made up of custom cut semi-precious gemstones and 22 karat gold or rhodium finish. The store is currently selling an array of earrings, bangles, cuffs, rings, necklaces, etc. They are all minimalistic design and will fit perfectly with any outfit. 

You must give their size chart a look, especially before purchasing the rings. They also tell you how to measure your ring to decipher the size. There is also a necklace size guide available.

You will notice that the site lacks an about us section, which is not a good sign. There is also an absence of proper details like its dimensions or what kind of gemstone is used. However, the online retailer compensates that with the complete and precise contact information they provide.

What makes Bluestarstores.Com unique?

Everybody loves jewelry, and when taken thorough care of it can last a very long time. The website offers minimal designs. The gold base of all the jewelry has to contrast and to compliment semi-precious stones. The signature Six drop earrings have blue stones on a gold base. 

Bluestarstores.Com offers the jewelry at affordable prices, the market price of a 22 karat gold bangle is much more than what the site offers. 

All jewelry is made up of 22 karat gold or has a rhodium finish and semi-precious stones. These concoct together to make a unique jewellery site that will make people want to make purchases from. 

Specifications of Bluestarstores.Com

  • Products- semi-precious stone and gold jewelry 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number– (702) 403-6769
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 6-9 business days 
  • Shipping fee- depends on the area you live in, usually $4.99
  • Return- 30 days from date of shipment 
  • Exchange- only replacement is available 
  • Refunds- processed in 7 days after the evaluation 
  • Online Payment- is made via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Bluestarstores.Com

  • The site provides a range of minimalistic designs to choose from 
  • They use various courier services 
  • Contact information is complete  
  • Secure online purchases can be made 
  • Shipping details are clear 
  • Refunds will be processed quickly 

Cons of purchasing from Bluestarstores.Com

  • There is no about us section 
  • The product description is incomplete 
  • No exchange is possible 
  • They only provide replacement of the purchased product 
  • The retailer lacks a social media presence 
  • Contact address seems to be a fake 

Customer reviews of the Bluestarstores.Com

Customer reviews are available on the site, and these are only available for a select few. The customers seem to have given the jewelry 5 stars and comment that they were very satisfied with their purchases. 

A sweep online of the site will give you reviews that are a complete opposite of the ones on the site. A YouTuber even claims that the address provided is a fake and is, in reality, a residential area. 

Final Verdict- 

There are reviews available that give us good and bad feedback on the site. While the jewelry design may be appealing, you will notice a lack of about us section on the website. 

There are also claims of the site providing a fake address; this is never a good sign. Hence, we do not recommend the site at all. 

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