Is Babecloth Legit

Is Babecloth Legit {June} Pick The Scam & Legit Points -> Purchase dresses, masks, and home furnishing items online during this locked-down phase.

We, women, are the best creation of God! It is the most acclaimed compliment we get from our families and loved ones. Can you relate to this feeling?  Because we are a beautiful and most-loved creation of our God, we tend to beautify our looks and dressing style. However, “Is Babecloth Legit?” always struck our minds because there is abundance on scammed sites in the online world. Do you want to get your answers? 

Well, most United States citizens come across this question that has many answers to consider. It all relies upon you as to how you contemplate them. 

To support our article, we will check Babecloth Reviews from the existing buyers and different trust rating websites. Please hold your breath and hope to find this online store legit, only if you want. 

Is Babecloth Legit?

Because this question has been troubling us for many days, let’s begin finding the answer- Is Babecloth Legit. Babecloth is an online shop that offers masks, bandanas, tops, home furnishing products, and much more. It supplies these items in different countries. Initially, we find that this domain name has always existed in the scammers’ world. The site was registered earlier, and it has six years-long reporting of hosting and deactivating the URL time-to-time. 

The brand name is used by many other websites that have negative reviews. After the site expiry within three months, most of us cannot access the website. It also has extended delivery and shipping period. Connecting the last two points, we are unsure whether you will receive any product or not. When the website was earlier formed, it was reported to have viruses. These malwares can easily hack into our systems through which we access it. Considering the above-discussed points, we question the legitimacy of Babecloth. 

What is Babecloth?

Babecloth is an e-commerce shop that markets clothes, dresses, masks, and home furnishing products. The website is placed in an organized manner to help you shop conveniently. It also offers easy return and refund with 30 days liberty. The product price listing is the lowest that enables you to purchase many items at once. However, the shipping and delivery time can turn into months from days. 

Specifications of Babecloth:

  • Website type: Women clothing, home furnishing, and masks
  • Delivery time: 7-25 days
  • Shipping charge: Free over 69 dollars order
  • Shipping time: 3-25 days
  • Return: Applicable
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: No Information found
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Contact number: Not Found
  • Email address: 
  • Payment mode: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and credit cards

Benefits of Babecloth:

  • Well organized website
  • Lowest price quotation
  • Product reviews are available
  • Clear and high-resolution product pictures 
  • Free shipping on orders above 69 dollars 

Cons of Babecloth:

  • Redacted owner information
  • Multiple domains with similar names
  • Negative reviews
  • Uncertainty on product delivery
  • Unsecured URL
  • Limited site existence period 
  • Zero site security measures 
  • Copied pictures and content
  • Extended delivery and shipping time 

Customer Feedback: Negative or Positive?

The babecloth reviews are dubious because most customer comments date back to April 2020. However, the website started its journey in June 2020. The feedback and pictures of delivered products from existing customers are high rated. Nevertheless, these reviews cannot be taken on their face value because of the points mentioned above. Almost every product has a minimum of three reviews, but they are questionable because of the posting dates. 

Other scams reviewing websites have attested negative feedback in their articles. Hence, we are unsure about which review to trust. 

Our Verdict:

There are so many hidden dangers to this particular website. Those red flags avert us from claiming it to be authentic. The owner has redacted its identity from us so that we cannot sue him/her if any scam happens. Depending on human nature, the price quotation is hard to digest and highly questionable. 

The major red flag is the copied content all over the website. Similar content and description can be seen on other scammed sites such as angelheels, chicme, and so on. 

Besides, the product pictures are also taken from other online stores that are already claimed scammed by different reviewers. Security measures play an essential role while shopping online. The necessary measures are missing to secure us, which obviously will not happen if the site only aims to fool you. After encountering these major red flags, we find Babecloth an unmatched scam. 

Leave your comments to warn other buyers against the attractive offers and discounts that are merely a trap. 

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