Greensboro Unemployment Scam 2020

Greensboro Unemployment Scam (August) Explore More. >> The whole article gives immense information about Employment fraud news.

The unemployment ratio in the world is increasing like a devil intestine. And some of the Unemployment scams are revealing after a lengthy investigation by a team of experts. One such deception was witnessed currently in North California and came into the limelight. The whole investigation officers have come across to a decision and called the entire matter an Employment Tax fraud.

The Lady was sentenced to prison after eight years of her unemployment fraud. The fraud is becoming an eye-opener for all those who are taking laws in their hand by doing something suspicious. The scam has happened in the United State.

So wanted to know more about Greensboro Unemployment Scam, stay tuned with the article and grasp the latest updates. 

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What is Greensboro Unemployment Scam?

The business owner of Greensboro was sentenced to prison. The reason behind the matter is Employment Tax Fund.

The Lady has been sent to prison for 18 months. She was sentenced with the punishment as she was doing fraud of not paying employment taxes.

The scam was trapped by the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard E. Zuckerman And Matthew G.T Martin. They both have declared her criminal.

As per the latest information and documents submitted in the court, The Greensboro Unemployment Scam is done by Elizabeth Wood (40). She was working with her other Rebecca Adams (57). Both are operating a small business In North California under the company names A & R Staffing Solutions, Inc, Wood Executive Services, and Adams Staffing Enterprise.

What are the details of Greensboro scam?

As per the Greensboro Unemployment Scam Reports, Wood and her mother have found guilty and pleaded the court for not paying employment taxes. Both of them agreed that they had done wrong, and now, they sentenced to prison on July 9, 2020. 

As per the updates, N. Carlton Tilley Jr, the US Senior District Judge, has given his wordings and ordered the culprit Wood to provide the amount of $ 2,338,766 as her penalty restitution to the US. And even the judge has said that she will be serving three years with a supervised release.

Who conducted the investigation?

As per the introspection, some renowned IRS’s criminal investigation was done and given the information about the employment scam to Attorney Kevin, who is the current head of the Tax Division and Attorney Frank Chut, who was taking care of the case.

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What are the consequences of the scam?

Employment fraud is the biggest crime in the eye of law. Wood and her mother will suffer from the worst consequences in the future. Presently the wood is:

  • Sentenced to 18 months of jail
  • She will give a considerable amount as her penalty for not paying employment taxes.
  • The court will keep an eagle eye on her and her mother.

Final Verdict

Employment fraud is continuously spreading like a spider’s web. But This Wood case will be proof to all the criminals that doing crime is an offense, and there is no mercy for that.

As per the Greensboro Unemployment Scam, eight years of not paying employment taxes will turn towards the prison. And the Lady behind the whole scam picture will getting bitter experiences.

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