Embrace Nature Reviews {July 2020} Get Complete Insight!

Embrace Nature Reviews {July 2020} Get Complete Insight! >> In this article, you will find out if Embrace Nature is worth checking out or not.

More and more people are wanting to get involved in growing their produce or have their homes greener. But maintaining and ensuring regular care of the plants can get very difficult, especially the modern human juggles with immense work pressure.

Is there a possibility to automate this process too? Yes! The advancement in technology has made things possible that we couldn’t think of before. Embrace Nature Reviews will tell you that there are apps that can enable remote application potential. 

The company and its methods seem to be growing in the United States. Through its app, the company wishes to help people explore sustainable agriculture options by adding tech to it and modernizing it. 

The article discusses whether it is possible to keep a check on your plants using an app on your phone! What is it? Why should you use it? All will discuss as you read further. The article aims at dwelling into the necessary details regarding the app.

What is Embrace Nature? 

Embrace nature is a gardening app that will help all the urban gardeners monitor the crops they are cultivating by accessing the app on your smartphones. It will be able to control your garden’s parameters and automate the process of watering them.

The app is connected via an-built Wi-Fi system to all the sensors in the soil and transmits information. A variety of parameters such as soil temperature, humidity, CO2, PH report, and even irrigation are presented to the user. 

There is also a live camera installed, which will help user seeing the growth on their smartphones. There is currently no information regarding the company available online, but it boasts of having completed 350+ projects on the website. 

This information strikes as odd; there is also no display of customer feedback—the app with the name Embrace Nature does not pop up on the app or google play stores.


  • It is a gardening app which will help the urban gardener in monitoring his/her crops
  • The sensors around the plants are connected to the app on your smartphone through Wi-Fi
  • Urban gardeners can keep track of a variety of parameters that ensure the well-being and a good crop yield
  • Gardner can also get a live feed of the growth box via the camera installed
  • The company wishes to promote sustainable agriculture practices through the app
  • The app can aid in facilitating the growth of organic fruits, vegetables, and others

How do gardening apps work?

Have you ever heard of people talking about ‘possessing the green thumb?’ It means the person could do the bare minimum and grow a dead sapling into a beautiful flush green plant. For the rest of us, it is not possible.

In such a case the modern technology brings you ways to ensure you can keep track of the growth of your garden or the tomato plant. They can help you create easy plans to establish the best regime to see the plants flourish.

It will also include the monitoring of parameters such as soil temperature, humidity, CO2, PH report, and even irrigation to aid in establishing the regime. This regime will consist of the amount of water that needs adding along with manure.

The main job of the gardening app is to help people in easing into the idea of sustainable agriculture and enjoy the process thoroughly.

What are the people’s thoughts regarding Embrace Nature?

People in the United States have grown fond of the idea of sustainable agriculture and gardening. It is justified by the 77% increase that gardening saw in the year 2018. Numerous gardening apps take advantage of this boom.

The Embrace nature website is incomplete as it created on the 4th of April 2020. Even though they mention of helping out 350+ customers, there are no Embrace Nature Reviews in its support. A search on the app in the app store or google play store will come up empty as there is no app or company with the name Embrace Nature that is currently active!


While analyzing the Embrace Nature website and looking up information online, it can be concluded that the site and its app are probably under the works as there is no information about its existence.

There is also no app with the name available on app stores on smartphones. While the idea is excellent, its legitimacy cannot be established at the moment.

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