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  1. I made the mistake of ordering from blaroken,com; they had an ad on Youtube. The ad looked legit and the clothing items looked like quality.

    I found out firstly that they don’t actually have many of the advertised items. They don’t tell you and you don’t find out until after the delivery arrives with items missing. The scammer uses the excuse that their supplier is behind because of shipper issues which is bull. They then offer to give you a credit on their website. If you push they’ll offer a refund for the undelivered items. It’s important to realize that they promise a 24hour or 72hour refund but actually may take a week or more; that’s if you actually receive your refund at all. If you didn’t use a payment option like Paypal or maybe VISA that has a resolution center, then you’re likely to never see your money again.

    Secondly, they’re shipping from China and it takes almost a month for your items to arrive. The problem with that is their 30-day return policy starts from the date you ordered, not the date you receive the items. That means a store credit if they credit you at all.

    Thirdly, the clothing items they send are made from the same fabric as cheap Halloween costumes are made from. In other words, it’s not really fabric like a standard t-shirt or pants are made from. If you hold the item up to a light or window during the day, you can see clearly through the fabric; the thread count is extremely low and the fabric snags and rips very easily. This is the case regardless of what item you ordered. The zippers too are very poor quality; they’re made from soft plastic; again like you’d expect from a cheap halloween costume.

    Fourth, the sizing of the clothing is not even in the ballpark of correct. I ordered an extra large; what they sent was a medium size with an XL (extra large) label sewn into it. I also ordered a large but the size was the same as the supposed extra large but had the L (large) label sewn in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only make one size and are sewing different size labels into everything so they can pretend it’s a different size and claim after the fact that it must have been a mistake.

    Fifth and final, realize that you will not get your entire refund back. Also know that they don’t issue return labels so if you are able to get them to give you a return address, which is hard to do, you are responsible for the shipping costs and if they claim to not have received the item, you won’t get a refund and because they’re in China, you don’t have any legal recourse.

    As this article notes, this organization is a scam. Take this advice from someone who made the mistake before you and do not order from them. Also note that the cost of their items is basically the same as clothing stores that sell similar items. You work hard for your money, don’t allow lowlife scammers to trick you into giving it to them.

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